Mystical Misfits

Mystical Misfits

"we do GWD, GWD2, rax, nex, ED's, beastmaster and non rs games via disc - w6MGSKN"

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Mystical Misfits

A down to earth clan with mature members that enjoy PVM, skilling and that just know how to have a good time.
Our clans growth is based on the new friendships and trust that have been made.
We have clan events and competitions that help motivate you to achieve your accounts goals of which we also do our best to help assist.
We offer a community based clan that is active of multiple time zones in which is convenient if you wanted to do some group activities.
We will always be open for new recruits as we filter inactive members to maintain activeness within the clan itself. Guests are always welcome.

- Mature
- 1,750+ Total skill level

Clan Information:
- Founded 26/03/18
- Language English based
- Most active times au/nz
- Active in multiple time zones
- Consistent Events
- Consistent Competitions
- Organised Ranking System
- Discord (guests are welcome)

QFC:  290-291-627-66021766

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CandyáCakes CandyáCakes Owner
ShieldáPearl ShieldáPearl Deputy Owner
Mrtradie1997 Mrtradie1997 Deputy Owner
FrostyáSnow FrostyáSnow Deputy Owner
LitáMotives LitáMotives Coordinator
FeáChloe FeáChloe Coordinator
SáMáS SáMáS Coordinator
Moon-tear3 Moon-tear3 Coordinator
MaxedáPolar MaxedáPolar Coordinator
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ShieldáPearl *~*~* Attribute ShoutBox *~*~* 10-Feb-2019 12:25
CandyáCakes ~~~ RULES ~~~ 03-Nov-2018 02:06
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