Nening s Councill

Nening s Councill

"Seek vengeance against the Wouter Foundation, check the clanpage for more info"

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--- Nening's Councill ---
! Please check the clan rules in the forum !

Welcome to the clan where having fun is a minimum requirement.

-- Standard note --
We recruit:
- F2P and P2P
- Lvls 10+
If you are being invited to join Nening's Counsil you are good enough to be a Sergeant.

-- For clan members --
Won't it be fun if we had video's that had somthing to do with the clan :D?

-- Milestone --
Clan started in 23 July 11
50  clanmates 24 July
100 clanmates 26 July
150 clanmates 29 July
200 clanmates 5 Aug
250 clanmates 6 Aug
300 clanmates 22 Aug
350 clanmates 26 Aug
400 clanmates 27 Aug
450 clanmates 29 Aug
500 clanmates 11 Sept 11

Join Nening's Councill, because Wouter's Foundation is evil! :P

"king of Holland" has copied our clan colours and symbols. We are that great that they want to copy us!

check our website nening-nl

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Type Description World Date/Time
Party 50 27-Aug-11 14:00
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Author Thread Title Date
IáPvMáCook Nening's Councill rules 25-Sep-2011 17:51
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