New World Order

New World Order

"Requirements: 2700+ total levels | Click the official forum: 7Z4E for more info!"

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New World Order is a large all-round clan, with lots of experienced and helpful clan members online 24/7. You will have no problem finding or making a team for all Bosses in game, Any Minigames, Any Distractions and Diversions, or anything team related.

Massive Discord server:

- 2500+ Total levels
- RuneScape Membership
- Be Active

Our ranking system is based on Boss drops and XP gained since joining the Clan. You will receive 1 point for 1 million XP you earn, or set amount of points per drop. Your Runemetrics profile must be set to public.

- Recruit - 0 points
- Corporal - 100 points
- Sergeant - 300 points
- Lieutenant - 500 points
- Captain - 800 points
- General - 1100 points
- Admin - 1500 points
- Organiser - Host events or recruit

Clan members can check rank progress by typing !rankcheck in #Discord-bots

Clan Drops tracker: m

Home World: 15 Oceania, 44 America, 92 Europe

To join, guest in our Clan and ask for an invite.

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SneakyXSteve SneakyXSteve Owner
Snaccident Snaccident Deputy Owner
Outcry Outcry Deputy Owner
Darkelw Darkelw Deputy Owner
Toiletmeid Toiletmeid Deputy Owner
Juha686 Juha686 Deputy Owner
Markvs Markvs Deputy Owner
Hexabl Hexabl Deputy Owner
Binbroughton Binbroughton Overseer
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Visitor NWO 11-Aug-2022 00:10
Juha686 NWO Christmas raffle 2020 01-Jan-2021 12:03
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