Novus Ordo

Novus Ordo

"The New Order."

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Novus Ordo (New Order) is a clan that focuses on all groups of RuneScape players, may that be pures, skillers, tanks or mains.

There are no requirements or restrictions to join the clan.

If you are interested in joining please contact "TimX", "UnraveledMnd", or "Foofie33".

If you are interested in becoming a ranked clan member, please view the thread. (How To Become A Ranked Clan Member)

   -- Novus Ordo Staff Team --

Novus Ordo Founder : TimX
Novus Ordo Advisor : Foofie33
Novus Ordo Administrator and Forums Leader : UnraveledMnd
Novus Ordo Recruiting Leader : SkillerAlex7
Novus Ordo Events Leader : Pending...
Novus Ordo Clan Battles Leader : Pending...

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[#OX1LPQCB7] [#OX1LPQCB7] Owner
lilbump13 lilbump13 Deputy Owner
[#LRX09R7VE] [#LRX09R7VE] Sergeant
[#H329QTCKL] [#H329QTCKL] Corporal
Black Cyph3r Black Cyph3r Recruit
[#I4N7MQQEH] [#I4N7MQQEH] Recruit
[#YLUP1J2FU] [#YLUP1J2FU] Recruit
[#21TNJLTX2] [#21TNJLTX2] Recruit
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Author Thread Title Date
UnraveledMnd Official Recruitment Thread 28-Jul-2011 07:05
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