"we are a social clan. Activites we do: dg, pvm****, cln wars, rcw and more!"

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We Are OmniKillers!!

There are No Requirements to Join!!

OmniKillers is a social clan and also a big family. We help each other out if needed and we make sure you have everything to your satisfaction in a clan.
We were created in March 2013. We strive to grow to be a larger organized clan. So, if you're looking for a good stable clan who won't collapse a few weeks later,  look no futher.

Things we look for in members:
- Respect
- Loyalty
- Dedication
- Friendly

By joining  OmniKillers, you can anticipate to:
€ Be part of a growing, unified clan
€ Participate in the events that are held throughout the weeks
€ Have fun through raising your skills and developing new abilities as a clan
€ Meet and establish friendships with more people

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[#X16BCFNXS] [#X16BCFNXS] Owner
PeeCahChu PeeCahChu Lieutenant
BlinkyBoo BlinkyBoo Lieutenant
fsfsfesfsfs fsfsfesfsfs Sergeant
SeaPickle SeaPickle Corporal
Kang378 Kang378 Corporal
[#6AXQ7RJ8E] [#6AXQ7RJ8E] Corporal
[#MOXA38R7E] [#MOXA38R7E] Corporal
69graven1451 69graven1451 Corporal
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event - Clan Game 7 28-Apr-13 19:00
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68bobtorag Omnikillers All Welcome 05-Sep-2013 05:31
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