Original Gamer Squad

Original Gamer Squad

"Pvm we skill we do random disaster& events Bossing -Requirements 1700 total lvl"

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Original Gamer Squad is a social skilling clan which encourages players to enjoy the game in a fun & relaxed atmosphere were we can help guide each other through the game. We have a very diverse clan with people of nationalities from all over the world. While we are focused more to skilling we also embrace all other aspects of the game. All we ask from our members is to treat each other with respect, follow the clan & game rules & have fun.

~~To join ask in our friend chat "ShadowGuardian" for an invite~~CLAN INFO
--Est. 15/10/2012
--Tier 7 - All plots open
--Home world W84

--1000+ total level
--1000+ (level 3 skillers)
--1000+ (Ironman)
--Same applies for alt accounts

RANKS (xp earned in the clan)
--Recruit - New members
--Corporal - 5m+ xp
--Sergeant - 20m+ xp
--Lieutenant - 50m+ xp
--Captain - 100m+ xp
--General - 200m+ xp

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Top Clanmates

Aaronlara Aaronlara Owner
Yoshimuru Yoshimuru Sergeant
john 12230 john 12230 Corporal
DenimáDandy DenimáDandy Corporal
Lechleiter Lechleiter Corporal
Lordkalypso Lordkalypso Recruit
Rangingá2946 Rangingá2946 Recruit
Level14Rogue Level14Rogue Recruit
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event - Clan Resource Gathering 24 30-Dec-15 06:00
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