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PVP League

"Become the best & rise to the top in this PVP League for PKers. PM me for detail"

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This is a community not a clan. A solo pking cc that you may use to find fights, make friends, challenge ranked members and compete with one another. Join PVP League where you can play at your own pace and make friends amongts the league.

REQUIREMENTS - Any PKERS at any levels may join.

Rise to the top and become the best in the league. Rank structure is based on MATURITY and the amount of KO's you have since you've joined the clan. The higher your KO number the higher your rank. Simple enough?Here's your table: (0-49 = Recruit) (50-99 = Corporal) (100-249 = Sergeant) (250-499 = Lieutenant) (500-999 = Captain) (1000+ = General) "But ranking is going to be so slow and it's going to take forever to become Lieutenant+."

MY answer, "To get the number of KO's required for that rank means you are an active player and deserve the responsibilities handed to those ranks. It takes time to get that high and if you haven't been banned or muted by then, your probably mature enoug

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DartháPod DartháPod Captain
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[#8V3HLCMKF] [#8V3HLCMKF] Sergeant
PP9OM1 PP9OM1 Sergeant
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[#NGD0YFKKH] [#NGD0YFKKH] Sergeant
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