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Parallaxis was founded in September of 2014 by some close-knit friends that wanted a change. We're a diverse clan that strives to help improve and strengthen the Runescape community by being respectful and motivated members, celebrating each others' uniqueness every step of the way.

Something that sets us apart from other clans is that we don't have any sort of level requirements. Instead, it is required that you treat other clan members and guests alike with the utmost respect. :-)

We host all kinds of events and try our best to make everyone, both guests and members, feel welcome.

Please don't hesitate to hop in the cc if you'd like to get to know us!  Also, check out the forum threads to see what is expected from you and how our ranking system works!

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Baby Ironic Baby Ironic General
sumble bee sumble bee General
Kyletic Kyletic Lieutenant
JáAáLáEáN JáAáLáEáN Lieutenant
Slopa Slopa Sergeant
[#J1HUQSG9A] [#J1HUQSG9A] Sergeant
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Clan meeting 103 19-Dec-15 03:00
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