Phoenix Flare

Phoenix Flare

"From Dusk to Dawn, we shall arise from the Fallen."

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Power, devoid of sympathy, cold as the sea, dark as the depths.
The sea does not forgive.
Its power is made of hunger and swelling rage.
The sea wars with the shore, with the very sky.
The sea weeps for no-one.
Yet the smallest pool is filled with the promise of an ocean, a score of oceans,
All their power can be held within a single drop of water.
In there, life was first born.
In there, there is the promise of empathy, of warmth.
The promise of life itself.
The power, when it comes, is a true current.
Angry, yes, yet true.
Water has known life for so long it holds no memory of purity.
Power and gift have long ago become one, and it yields to nothing and no-one.
The sea is eternally patient and the tide will sweep away all in its path.

~ Reaper's Gale
A Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen

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