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"R.I.P Phoenix Legends 2010-2013"

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Welcome to the Phøenix Legends clan. We, in the Phøenix Legends, are always accepting to new members and we encourage you to fill out an application on our forums, qfc can be found below. We are a very active pay-to-play community and event based clan. If you do not fit the requirements to join this clan you are still welcome to guest join our clan chat, "phoenix legends" to talk and get to know our many wonderful clan members. We hope you have a great time with the Phøenix Legends clan. =D

Check out our wikia page at:

QFC: 269-270-342-64974489
NEW FORUM PAGE QFC: 269-270-829-65235221

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KroneyBtw KroneyBtw Lieutenant
Artillia Artillia Sergeant
Diirst Diirst Sergeant
8048145101 8048145101 Sergeant
red joker456 red joker456 Sergeant
Blzzrd1 Blzzrd1 Sergeant
[#OA4D41TBY] [#OA4D41TBY] Corporal
[#YMBKY9HXV] [#YMBKY9HXV] Corporal
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Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event - Clan Resource Gathering 88 19-Oct-13 14:00
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Author Thread Title Date
Tanasi Phoenix Legends Main Thread 12-May-2013 21:54
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