Plan  B

Plan B

"Requirements are Combat level 105 a Skill of 80 or 1500 Total level."

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Plan B
We are a very mature, relaxed community clan with players of all different types from Skillers to Pvmer's and Pvper's. With events and multiple activities, you can always find something to do with us.

Quest help, skilling tips and advice, PvM and PvP training, a friendly team; this is a clan that values its members!
You are more than welcome to cap and hang out at our citadel, a full Tier 7 with a dragon on the way! Our citadel is going to look like "the dogs wotsits", when we're finished everyone will love it as they see it.

If you're interested in joining do pm the owner or one of our leaders. Our owner's private channel is open for questions or a request.
Or feel free to guest our chat (its plan--b not plan-b) and ask for an invite, someone will come to you.
We look forward to playing with you!

Requirements to join our clan:
1) A combat level of 105+
2) A skill level of 80+
3)Total level 1500+
4)Dedicated HC/Ironman account

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