Point Apex

Point Apex

"Point Apex - Because Apex was taken."

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Welcome To Point Apex

You will love us in every single way, we have a laugh and mostly socialize.

-- We Skill and Cap in the Citadel together to make it more fun.
- Capping is split into two groups, Please let us know what group you want.

-- We do events but we give you the choice and when you want to do it.
- We allow our members to be in control so they feel wanted.

-- We help you make money, what? why?
- Because we are Amazing

TeamSpeak Details:

Server: teamspeak-3.clanplanet.c0uk:10174
Pass: Flopitout

- Remove the "0" and add a "full stop" to the domain ending.

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Trey28 Trey28 Owner
Natáman Natáman Deputy Owner
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Rise Of Five Rise Of Five Corporal
Vaxier Vaxier Corporal
SCBulldgos70 SCBulldgos70 Corporal
KrustyKrabb KrustyKrabb Corporal
[#G09YQOU2Y] [#G09YQOU2Y] Recruit
Natuural Natuural Recruit
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Type Description World Date/Time
Gathering 92 02-Jan-15 22:00
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RAáHolle How To Rank Up 29-Oct-2014 18:43
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