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Welcome to Pretentious Elitists; a PvM/Skiller clan.
We are a small very active clan, currently looking to expand our PvM and Skiller community to be better than ever.

Requirements to join are as follows:
- 2300+ Total Level
- 500M+ Experience

- Teamspeak 3 Server for clanmates
- Citadel is not mandatory; but we would appreciate any participation at the citadel to help maintain and upkeep our Citadel and Avatars.

Rules in Clan:
- Respectful to all members.
- No flaming or Flame-baiting in Clan Chat.
- Friendly banter is acceptable.

Please feel free to Guest the Clan Chat and/or PM a rank in-game with any other questions.

- Eri1,
Proud leader of Semantics.

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Untouchables Untouchables Owner
zensubee zensubee General
CrystaláRog CrystaláRog General
Haris Haris General
Reevis Reevis General
jordoá97 jordoá97 General
LáIá4áM LáIá4áM General
newyhunter94 newyhunter94 General
FoodStampGod FoodStampGod General
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Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event - Clan Game 50 07-Feb-15 10:00
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Jinbe Highest in Skill Recognition 24-Aug-2015 04:36
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