"For people that enjoy watching/creating videos and listening to music. Join us!"

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This clan is basically a community for the people that really enjoy to watch/create videos or listen to music. Even if you do not do any of the three things mentioned, do not worry, you can still join.

All players are welcomed no matter levels or runescape experience. We are here to help each other and have a fun time while at it.

Either way, we hope that you at the very least check us out because we are very friendly. We have even had multiple popular people check out this clan such as: Prezleek, Pur, Rainy and many more.

If you want to rank up in the clan, just follow common courtesy. In other words, dont be rude, do not spam or advertise other clans, dont bot, etc.

So yeah, that's the end of that story! We hope you all have a great day and who knows? Maybe our roads will still cross some day, you never know! The worlds a pretty small place)

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