""Rage for ever, The only way to stay in control""

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Welcome to RagingBandos!  We are a fun, friendly, sociable community with all level players from all over the globe. If you wish to join the clan chat as a guest please feel free, just be mindful of the other players and ensure a friendly atmosphere is kept.

There are no requirements to join and there are no mandatory events to complete. We will reward players in any way we can and hope that we can get a fun, friendly and helpful clan up and running.

We are a newly formed clan and have many aims to get to (max cit, more members, regular events etc) However, we cannot do this without you all. We hit a bit of a drop when arranging to meet for the citadel opening as 2 of our overseers left runescape for good.

Citadel : Tier 1.

You may contact a  member of the clan to invite you, Join as a guest or PM a member and ask

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getyourassup getyourassup Deputy Owner
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