"1. BUY STUFF. 2. ??? 3. SELL STUFF. 4. PROFIT!"

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We are a clan based on flipping, merching and the community. :)

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Jk1598 Jk1598 Owner
SpecialzáKid SpecialzáKid General
MaxedáLife MaxedáLife General
[#LH7ZBH5A4] [#LH7ZBH5A4] Lieutenant
dzánutzz dzánutzz Corporal
CáRosarioáB CáRosarioáB Corporal
[#ZL7RG8DWN] [#ZL7RG8DWN] Corporal
XxSkilIerxX XxSkilIerxX Corporal
[#FGCZE3I0R] [#FGCZE3I0R] Recruit
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