Realm of PvM

Realm of PvM

"Learn from the past and build up the future"

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RREALM OF PVM & Dungeoneering

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Dungeoneering (Extensive Guides and tutors)
D&D: Shooting Stars, Evil Trees
Minis: SC, PC
Other Activities: Social Slaying, Skilling Events, Dueling, Clan wars.
No mandatory events
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OUR FCC for Information to join:   Boss Realm
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REQS to join: None in particular, however to fully pertain in all events and rank up, bossing experience and or decent combat stats and gear help a lot.

ETIQUETTE:  decent, friendly, mature,  helpful. :)

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Clan event - Clan Game 114 30-Sep-12 23:00
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BirdáBoy1000 Welcome to Realm of PVM 17-Feb-2015 08:00
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