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Reborn Fate is a 4 year old clan, full of friendships, rivalries and all that good stuff.

What does Reborn Fate have?
- Tier 2 Citadel (currently building back to 7)
- Currently reviving ourselves from the major loss of friends and clan-mates.
- Multiple Clan Events Each Day
- Allied Events
- Social events
- Skilling events
- Pvm Events
- Help & assistance to improve your gameplay

Requirements to join:
- Follow all Runescape rules.
- Steer clear of drama
- Good behavior
- Guest the clan chat/pm admin+ for an invite after posting an application on our official RS thread

Ranking system:
- Rank Points For Events, Capping and etc.
- Rank ups based on RP
- Individual Kingdoms ran within the clan.

We hope you'll choose Reborn Fate!

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RFáEragon RFáEragon Owner
1lazyguy 1lazyguy Overseer
Feese Feese Organiser
RFáForums RFáForums Admin
Davon7 Davon7 Admin
RFáDINOshow RFáDINOshow Captain
zaggy07 zaggy07 Captain
Jupper Jupper Lieutenant
UncleáYelps UncleáYelps Lieutenant
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Clan event - Citadel Reset 178 01-Jan-16 16:00
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