"Do not pity the dead, pity the ones not in Reclusion"

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Welcome to Reclusion!

We are a social/skilling clan formed on the 11th of January 2016 and are one of the top clans in Runescape with only a pay to play (p2p) requirement.
We always try to be as friendly and helpful as possible and we hope to offer you a great in game experience.

What can we offer you?

~ Over 400 members from all over the world
~ Active and helpful clan chat at all hours
~ Active Discord server
~ Bi-Weekly skilling competitions
~ Multiple weekly PVM events
~ Many other types of events as we are always trying new things
~ Fully upgraded Tier 7 Citadel
~ Portables hosted in Clan Citadel every DXP (+weekly event)
~ Mature, fair, and friendly Admin Team always ready to assist

Please visit our recruitment thread on the RSOF
--  QFC: 288-289-208-66256852  --

Feel free to join as a guest or just add one of our Admins and private message them for an invite.
Reclusion's Admin Team

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Weeep Weeep Deputy Owner
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LadyTatorTot LadyTatorTot Deputy Owner
Arrov Arrov Overseer
XiaáMoon XiaáMoon Overseer
Spyky Spyky Overseer
Seraphina Seraphina Overseer
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