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Looking for a great group of friends to kill, skill, and chill with? Respite is a high-level community clan looking for active, friendly members. Regardless if you’re a PvMer, skiller, minigame expert, bankstander, or ed8er (wait, what?), you’ll find a home here. Need advice? We can help you out with anything from PvM, like how to kill the giant mole (just kidding) to picking out a great outfit (not kidding, fashionscape is important). A fun, easygoing place to joke around and have a great time with some great people! We swear we're not elitist.

Requirements: P2P, 130+ Combat, 2200+ Total Level (exceptions for skillers/ironmen)

Home World: 4
Active discord server
Lots of friendly banter

Feel free to come guest in the chat and check us out!

Corporal: 15M Exp
Sergeant: 50M Exp
Lieutenant: 100M Exp
Captain: 175M Exp
General: 300M Exp

Also, check out our fun self-quiz/application on the forums!
QFC: 92-93-507-65803970

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LivinDreams LivinDreams Owner
Contempt Contempt Deputy Owner
xTamrieL xTamrieL Deputy Owner
Still A Kid Still A Kid Deputy Owner
Snowlak Snowlak Overseer
Cassette Cassette Overseer
Skyvern Skyvern Organiser
Tevo Tevo Admin
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Contempt Join Respite! 29-May-2019 08:32
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