Rising Order

Rising Order

"Tomorrow is in your hands."

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Welcome! We are Rising Order and are a relaxed clan that caters to all types of playing. Ranks are determined by clan xp! Clan citadel work is not required, but much appreciated! We offer clan games and a variety of different casual events for our members!

Clan Rules:
† Please be courteous to all members and be respectful.
† Only use English in the clan chat.
† Do not advertise selling and buying items in the clan chat. Do not ask for item lends either.
† Harassment or Spamming will not be tolerated from anyone regardless of rank.
† Do not advertise, or recruit, for other clans in the clan chat.

Violations of these rules will result in a kick from the clan chat, or a ban if necessary. Guests are expected to follow these same rules.

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Huey Huey Owner
Knight Tom Knight Tom Deputy Owner
Atomicbeast Atomicbeast Deputy Owner
FreakAthlete FreakAthlete Overseer
Iammestaman Iammestaman Organiser
iivY iivY Admin
Obsidis Obsidis Admin
Saos Saos Admin
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