Roaming Souls

Roaming Souls

"Clan for easy going adults. No room for toxic elitists, sorrynotsorry."

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We welcome you to the place where wings take dream! The main trump card of Roaming Souls is the freedom we offer to our members. No obligatory attendance to events, no mandatory pvm'ing, citadel skilling or other obligations. Then why join a clan, you may ask?
Our clan is a place to meet new people, make friends, have a laugh, talk about the game, ask and offer advice, ... and so much more! We mainly want to attract Runescape veterans, as most of our clan members are real veterans and we wish to preserve the like-mindedness of our clan members. The requirements to join this clan should prove at least some Runescape skill and maturity.

If you are looking for new, mature friends with whom you can compete, share stories or go on an adventure; Roaming Souls is the place to be. To join our clan, join our clan chat 'Roaming Souls' and contact one of our members. Be sure to have read our clan rules, clan requirements and rank system before you do, though.

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