"We are the Bane of Dynasties, Nemesis to Order. Guest our chat and check us out."

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Everyone and  Anyone  is welcome  in this clan we are a fun clan. And we will help with anything . also will do everyting ,like  skillin boss hunting, leveling up. ect.

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C0Oky92 C0Oky92 Owner
7CutMe 7CutMe Overseer
Jagster6 Jagster6 Admin
PvM xGhost x PvM xGhost x Sergeant
ZygoteH ZygoteH Corporal
SirDiscipIe SirDiscipIe Corporal
DrAlexnder DrAlexnder Corporal
Scorpia PvP Scorpia PvP Corporal
wildf1sher wildf1sher Corporal
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