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-=RIP Runescape Dynasty January 23/2013=-
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Runescape Dinasty is an elite PK'ing clan first created in 2001.  As a clan we've been through a great many ups and downs and we still continue to push forward and strive to be the best in all areas of the PvP aspect of the game.  We have a great community that is important to us, and with the diverse memberbase its an enjoyable place to be, you should come check us out.

RSD offers the complete clan package. We offer:

    * Frequent PvP PK's - F2p and P2p (multi)
    * BOTH F2P and P2P Clan Wars
    * Corp, Nex, and God War Trips
    * Skilling Competitions from time to time
    * Castle Wars and Fight Pits vs Other Clans
    * Other Unique Events

We are also willing to set up any of the above events if your clan is interested in doing a clan vs clan event.

Our public clan chat if you have questions is; RSDchat

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