Runescape Matters

Runescape Matters

"I Matter You Matter We Matter RS Matters"

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Welcome All, First rule of RS Matters is there are No Rules!

     You Already know what's Right and Wrong. Please Respect other clan members. We are social clan so feel Free to join the clan chat, as a guest or a member of the clan. Please try not to beg too much on the clan chat, some people find it annoying.

     We all go at different speeds, so Noobs are welcome (just don't be a D***). We'll try and help with your the game needs, but of course rs wiki might be quicker and more indept.

F2p & Members are all welcome! If want an invite please ask in the clan chat for an invite!

We have a discord (hyperlink at the top of the page). We have a citadel if you like the 3%-6% experience buff you can visit the citadel and go to the avatar control stone to activate it (We have a full guide with pictures of how to effectively use the citadel in discord)!

  We're all here to have a little Fun! So escape a little, come Run escape with us!

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