Russian Ostriches

Russian Ostriches

"Anything you say Lloyd, anything you say."

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We are the Russian Ostriches, we have a quiet democracy masquerading as a dictatorship and consist mainly of Questers and Skillers, though at times you are able to find the occasional pker or combat pillager. We welcome all above 50 combat and people with a total level above 1,500. In some cases we will make exceptions for cases such as clan member's noob accounts or people we expect will contribute to the clan. Only thing is we require a small profile on your person on the forum page "Russian Ostriches Recruitment" (Would have posted link but Jagex won't let me).

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Olá3gam Olá3gam Owner
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MonkeyMadNub MonkeyMadNub General
[#CQHT9F8RC] [#CQHT9F8RC] General
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xehlence xehlence Captain
GrosseáPoche GrosseáPoche Captain
Viper1849 Viper1849 Captain
[#MJTNAN4MF] [#MJTNAN4MF] Corporal
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