Samurai Penguins

Samurai Penguins

""One Team ... One Fight""

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Clan Operations:
1. No begging
2. Citadel work is highly recommended (for avatar)
3. Ranks will be given to active clan members who visit citadel/ recruit (for higher ranks).
                             4. Act mature / Respect clan mates
                              carnal/verbal threats and any form of abuse will
                                      NOT BE TOLERATED AT ALL!!!!!!!!
                             5. Must be active in some way that is beneficial to the clan
                              {VISITING} the CITADEL is extremely important!!
                             6. NO CONTROVERSIAL CHAT (religion/politics/choice in partners) IN CLAN CHAT

We are mostly a Social/PvM clan that holds weekly events.

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RockeráRick RockeráRick Owner
Madman911 Madman911 Deputy Owner
Wrexxis Wrexxis Coordinator
Nazeracoo Nazeracoo Coordinator
Sinpay_roi Sinpay_roi Admin
Maxxyá1000 Maxxyá1000 Admin
liváisárad liváisárad Admin
Wolfrin Wolfrin General
iágothacked2 iágothacked2 General
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Scismaticgal New Clan Rules and Changes 06-Apr-2016 01:07
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