Saradominz Creed

Saradominz Creed

""To protect the innocent, and punish the guilty""

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We are the followers of Saradomin, the last remnants of the great warrior that created a mighty empire. In a world of chaos and deaths, we are the defender of hope, and the paladins of peace. Our cause is for the greater good and our numbers are large, reach your arms out to your brother and sisters and help us bring back the glorious days of Saradomin.

Our Motto is Latin for: We Serve Saradomin, as Saradomin Serves Us. It is our mission statement, for without him, none of us are anything.

The symbols of our clan are depicted in our cape. This cape is our holy grail, the life blood of this guild, the last piece of Saradomin legacies.

Here are a few set of rules we have in the clan.

S how love
A nd
R espec* to
A ll of your brothers and
D on't talk smack
O n
M e or any
I ndividuals who are
N ot in the clan.

Soulbane http://services.runescape.c om/m=clan-home/c=vjl9LCg0p4k/clan/SoulBane

We have a website! Visit the forums for a link!

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