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Welcome to our clan page! Scapin' the Rune is a social clan with the main focus of meeting new friends and helping each other.

We ARE currently recruiting new clan mates.

We want to create amazing memories of in game shenanigans with clan mates and we want to build our friendships to last a lifetime!

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Fifthmel59 Fifthmel59 Overseer
Dye004 Dye004 Overseer
Amelia Burns Amelia Burns Overseer
SouthernLass SouthernLass Captain
DamonRayBear DamonRayBear Captain
RonnocáNikwa RonnocáNikwa Captain
SwedisháHam SwedisháHam Captain
Flightpath Flightpath Corporal
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Tasks 201 31-May-19 01:30
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