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Secluded Empire

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Welcome to Secluded Empire

Were are an experienced all-round clan offering Daily events from all aspects of the game including Bossing, Skilling, Competitions, PvP Tournaments and many events with prizes to win. The Clan is very unique and well managed to offer a safe and respectful community to join,

 We do not tolerate :
- Drama
- Swearing
- Bad language
- Rude topics,
- Flirting or any form of disrespectful comments towards any of our members.
- English only in the CC

The Clan is run in a militaristic style and has a clear way to rank up by doing trials and work for the clan to climb the ranks. Our Citadel is tier 7 so your free to choose if you would like to cap.

As long as people fit our attitude we accept players of any level.

If you want to join our clan, Hop in the recruitment server
If you want to join our team, you need to be a rank sergeant and also join the server and ask
Discord server:

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Zaraos Zaraos Owner
Serean Serean Deputy Owner
IronSerean IronSerean Overseer
SE-Zaraos SE-Zaraos Overseer
Paziniágoat Paziniágoat Organiser
Nuku Nuku Admin
TwistedAce TwistedAce Captain
DipperáPines DipperáPines Lieutenant
Zerospot Zerospot Lieutenant
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