"Social clan everyone welcome, come guest in our clan!"

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Welcome! We are Sempiternity and we are a social clan, mainly focused on skilling, pvm-ing, and of course, bank standing! We aim to provide and maintain a friendly environment for our clanmembers in their day-to-day scaping.

Our requirements for joining the clan are:
• Total level 2000+
• Must guest in our clan for at least a week OR have a recommendation from an admin+ member
• Must have read through our forums; QFC: 288-289-298-65651750

If you do not meet our total level requirement just yet, please feel free to guest in our clan. We look forward to welcoming you!

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Snowy owl Snowy owl Owner
Nyx Nyx Deputy Owner
Snarky Simon Snarky Simon Deputy Owner
Zhuo Zhuo Deputy Owner
Sarawr Sarawr Deputy Owner
Alexinyoface Alexinyoface Deputy Owner
Igorpgfm Igorpgfm Overseer
xMoka Bear xMoka Bear Overseer
Gildartsssss Gildartsssss Overseer
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Nyx Welcome! 21-Feb-2017 13:29
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