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Nabz founded the original SVHG (Severed Hand Guild) in 2005, then there was no CLAN tracking system like today- so once his friends list was full (200) he had his generals FRIEND the new recruits- the original SVHG was founded to STOP "LURE" killers in the WILDY, report and KILL Bots when possible, and Merchant, sharing our resources and skill to help level others.
 Started when Nabz was lvl 30, the clan grew to 600 strong. There was then many factions with in the SVHG, PC GodWars, CLAN WARS, Castle WARS - and each had a leader, soon there was a fight for King.
A meeting took place in the Wildy where the Leaders met to face off, only for it to explode into the "GREAT FALL" , we turned on one another. The clan split into factions and broke apart.
Dark Raven Protectors of the SVHG way, whisked Nabz from the battlefield, and
this is the main clan that remains of the Founder. There is also "The Severed Hands Guild" & "SVHG" branches that remain. Welcome those of Legend.
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