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We are a small honest clan with the sole purposes of providing help to our teammates in any way possible! Anyone is welcomed into our group as long as they have an appropiate attitude, the willingless to be a team player and the maturity to... well, not be an ass!  

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TeddyáNeko TeddyáNeko Owner
Ráaitro Ráaitro Deputy Owner
RickáC-013 RickáC-013 Deputy Owner
BottledáLuck BottledáLuck Overseer
SkyáFly40 SkyáFly40 Coordinator
darkecojaj darkecojaj Recruit
[#DCGMQF1Z7] [#DCGMQF1Z7] Recruit
[#GIC8A8TO5] [#GIC8A8TO5] Recruit
Fubreezi Fubreezi Recruit
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Dungeon 158 15-Apr-11 23:00
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