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This clan was established several years ago as a skill/pk clan (prior to the removal of the wilderness).  At one time we topped 200 members.  When they removed the wilderness, a large portion of the Runescape population quit playing the game.  Including most of us.  The clan went into hiatus.

About 2 years ago, I stuck my head back in the game and got hooked into the skilling aspect.  I tried a few clans but never got the feel of a community that I was looking for.  I didn't like being told I had to be here or there at a certain time.

When they brought the wilderness back, I started seeing familiar names logging back in.  Some of these people finally convinced us to bring the clan back.  Some more of our older members have come back but we are all older and more busy with our lives than we were previously.

I have decided to open the door to new members who are looking for somewhere to hang out and learn about the game.  Come and join us.

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