Silent Knight

Silent Knight

"Loyalty, Courage and Honour"

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Hello! We are a social and skilling clan that likes to chat, skill, and boss, among other fun things such as citadel upkeep, and random events.

::. We have: .::
¤ Active members
¤ No drama
¤ Fair leaders
¤ Laid back

::. We provide: .::
¤ Clan events, both Skilling and PvM!
¤ Clan competitions (Achievement of the Month/Member of the Month)
¤ Social clan chatting
¤ Discord

Our Clan requirement is 750+ Total Level along with agreement to our rules.
Recruitment thread can be found  @ : 288-289-902-66179195

We hope to see you soon!

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Blingothing Blingothing Owner
Heavens Soul Heavens Soul Deputy Owner
Nurse Cody Nurse Cody Deputy Owner
Arisk Gud Arisk Gud Deputy Owner
Sir Elfy Sir Elfy Deputy Owner
Castiel003 Castiel003 Overseer
Badd Elitist Badd Elitist Overseer
ClareBear_CB ClareBear_CB Overseer
Cafi Cafi Overseer
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Blingothing Welcome to Silent Knight 06-Mar-2019 17:49
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