Sixx Am

Sixx Am

"Hakuna Matata"

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We are Sixx Am,

A international clan, always looking for new members. We accept members and non-members.We are a Community clan without any obligations.
We do Skilling Competitions for fun as much as possible.

We take pride in our citadel, it is currently tier 6. Our home world is 69, you'll find Avatars on the home world.

Owner: Top_radio
Co-owner: MoGowZe & W o u t e r
Overseers: Artify

If you have any questions regarding the clan or anything else you can visit our clan chat or pm a member in game.

Cheers, our Sixx Am!

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Artify Artify Owner
iwantbeer iwantbeer General
M3x M3x General
Nyby Nyby Captain
RedáDragun50 RedáDragun50 Captain
Shigetoru Shigetoru Lieutenant
Five Five Sergeant
Xsymbiosis Xsymbiosis Sergeant
Jonesydeath Jonesydeath Sergeant
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