Skiller Comm

Skiller Comm

"From humble beginnings Empires may rise, a clan for ethical players to have fun!"

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Welcome to our Clan Page! Here in Skiller Comm we focus on maintaining a mature, friendly, vibrant, and active community. Bringing together individual players that enjoy the game and have good ethical gaming values. Enhancing each others game play experience through relaxed participation and interaction while completing various tasks in Runescape.

We are community chat focused, with Events that may be hosted by fellow clan members whenever they would like to set up an activity.

To join us ask for an invite from a Lieutenant+ ranked member!

Clan created on January 1, 2012

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Tracker923 Tracker923 Owner
Shaidar Shaidar Deputy Owner
FaceMan FaceMan Deputy Owner
Samster8812 Samster8812 Deputy Owner
Peck216 Peck216 Overseer
Dáeáaád Dáeáaád Overseer
LoversSong LoversSong Overseer
asath asath Overseer
LordzáSauron LordzáSauron Overseer
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Raldrineorth Skiller Comm - Events 11-Apr-2017 02:32
Raldrineorth Skiller Comm - About Us 19-Jul-2016 06:12
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