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Skillers Creed was founded by N0obish Newb.

Skillers Creed is an old skill-pure clan with an amazing atmosphere. We value a great attitude, loyalty to the clan and dedication

We welcome anyone to our Clan-Chat  so you are always welcome to hang out

We have requirements for higher ranks, but they're not compulsory for a rank, it's just something to work towards

In general ranks are along the lines of: 1 banana for new-comers, 2 bananas for combatters that have been in clan for a while/ combatters with the requirements, 3 bananas for skillers that have been in the clan for a while, and bronze stars for skillers with the requirements

If you need anything, message us in game

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DutcháLvls DutcháLvls Owner
Ryebeard Ryebeard Coordinator
Brutopia Brutopia Organiser
Nerdish Nerdish Admin
Wageningen Wageningen General
Cakeycakey Cakeycakey General
JadeáHughes JadeáHughes General
[#WI7P2RRVR] [#WI7P2RRVR] General
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