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Solace started off with a core group of around 15-20 members. From here, these members established a base and were very attractive in the eye of the clan world. Not many new clans were succeeding, but The Man O managed to create a warring machine in late 2009. Starting with matched PvP and CWA fights, organization was stablished and focused on above all but friendship and quality.

Since then, Solace has peaked at a 93 person pull and managed to consistently pull 70% of our memberlist to every fight possible. We pride ourselves on our activity, performances and dedication.

Solace members are seen as some of the most elite warrers the clan world has ever seen. Fighting outnumbered is no problem for Solace as we enjoy the challenge. Our 99+ dungeoneering average allows us to do maximum damage with pinnacle styles. As much fun as it is fighting, we have an even better time relaxing on TeamSpeak with our fellow clan mates. We constantly have three or more channels active at a time.

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kltz kltz Coordinator
TsáDanne TsáDanne Coordinator
MissáUkraine MissáUkraine Coordinator
Pureuodai770 Pureuodai770 Coordinator
Wushka Wushka Coordinator
LiláSarubáPP LiláSarubáPP Coordinator
BáAáMáFá003 BáAáMáFá003 Coordinator
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