Sovereign Order

Sovereign Order

"Helpful, friendly, committed. Now these words don't only apply to your mum."

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Welcome to Sovereign Order!

Founded on 16th July, 2012.

We are a fun, friendly and helpful clan seeking to provide a group that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what total level or combat as there are no current requirements to join.

We're Australian-founded but include many nationalities with among our members.  Our core belief is that clans are here to enhance the enjoyment of the game, and so that's what we aim to provide!

As well as being a friendly environment, Sovereign Order also provides the following benefits:

1. Regular clan events, across a range of activities from PvM Bosses, to games such as Clan Wars, Soul Wars, Stealing Creation, and more.

2. The wonderful avatar XP buff.

3. An active, friendly social clan chat channel to fuel your talkative side.

4. A dedicated Discord for socialisation and voice chats outside of RS.

5. A well established clan ranking system, recognising hard work, helpfulness and activity.

To join, add and contact any member in-game.

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Top Clanmates

Texerish Texerish Owner
Applelistic Applelistic Deputy Owner
DawnFelstar DawnFelstar Admin
Raiibies Raiibies Admin
xThyKing xThyKing Admin
Fungas70 Fungas70 General
Calderon30 Calderon30 General
ItsK8justK8 ItsK8justK8 General
ImpulsiveAu ImpulsiveAu General
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event - Clan Game 50 15-Nov-18 07:30
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Author Thread Title Date
Texerish Welcome to Sovereign Order 17-Aug-2018 17:48
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