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Special Ones

"I though records were there to be broken."

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The objective of this clan is just as simple as saying hello: All we want is to have fun
while playing this great game. We want mainly active and cool players, that are willing to raise this clan to one of the best clans in Runescape.
We will not tolerate anyone causing problems within the clan or in-game. Anyone failing to do that will be warned or banned without any previous warning.
Respect to be respected is the motto of this clan. Anyone that wants to join the clan please add me.

Thanks and good shots

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Evilbeararm Evilbeararm Owner
EdvardáMunch EdvardáMunch Lieutenant
The Mad Pooh The Mad Pooh Sergeant
Newbie Nerd Newbie Nerd Recruit
Dabs840 Dabs840 Recruit
Rstride04 Rstride04 Recruit
LambeauLeap LambeauLeap Recruit
slav3 for u slav3 for u Recruit
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Skilling - Woodcutting 178 07-Jul-16 16:00
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