Starless Night

Starless Night

"Have fun or go home"

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We're a friendly, rather laid-back clan aiming to be a pleasant place to chat and hang out, with some organized events to help us meet up and train together. Our cc is always open so come check us out and see if you're interested in joining.

We are looking for mature players of any age to join, whether you need some advice on training, or just some friendly faces to make it a little more enjoyable. As we are a skilling clan we do not do any pking activities, or allow people to discuss it in our cc. We prefer to better ourselves through helping one another.

We will also be doing combat oriented events, from training events to monster hunting, so there should be something for most anyone who would want to join us.

We currently have a minimum total level requirement of 1200 to join, which may be rising in the future. However, we are willing to let anyone join who can show they're interested in skilling and playing with us.

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