"Surreal: Farts, Puns and More!"

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Surreal is a unique Runescape Skilling clan with an emphasis on developing a family-like community experience for all of our members to make their home. We are constantly innovating and trying to keep Surreal interesting and unpredictable. With a dedicated staff and welcoming members it is an excellent community to be a part of.

Surreal operates primarily on our own website, it is a shining example of innovation and progress for the Runescape clan community. It was developed by our leader Downfall to provide a private community for all of our members to come together and help encourage each other to strive to achieve all of their goals.

Surreal's staff team hosts a minimum of a few events every week, including comprehensive skilling competitions the likes of which can be found in no other clan. Our events are developed around trying to assist our members.

If you feel you can contribute to a mature, tight knit community please visit our offsite forums and take a look around!

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Downfall Downfall Owner
LadyáSpyra LadyáSpyra Deputy Owner
AuroraeáAuri AuroraeáAuri Deputy Owner
TheáAtticus TheáAtticus Overseer
OldáJon OldáJon Coordinator
Samro30 Samro30 Coordinator
JeliBelski JeliBelski Coordinator
DarkElfámage DarkElfámage Coordinator
Akhemp Akhemp Coordinator
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