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"Rising From The Flames Comes Eternal Greatness -- NUTZ FOR PC 2nd Clan Chat"

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Nutz For PC is a Pest Control clan operating 24/7 with 120+ worlds.
Our first clan chat is full maxed out with 500 people, ranked 4 in runescape clan hiscores for total level and ranked 7 for the amount of clanmates! due to this we have created a second clan chat so everyone has a chance to join us!

We're a bunch of laid back people that enjoy the play Pest Control or even just relax in the chat with some company.

If you're in need of a pest control world that's 120+ feel free to join, if not just come and chill out.. Who knows when you'll need a world to get those combat levels you've always wanted!

Requirements are 109+ F2P to join.

Join as a guest, stay as a friend.

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[#EUMNR8RY5] [#EUMNR8RY5] General
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Trizzy7 Trizzy7 Captain
u1 u1 Captain
hopoffmysack hopoffmysack Captain
71áRainá2867 71áRainá2867 Captain
coryáassasin coryáassasin Captain
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