Swift Legions

Swift Legions

"Never Less Idle than When Idle"

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Swift Legions offers a relaxed and friendly environment for Runescape's more mature players. There are no mandatory events, and leaders will not exert power except where necessary for maintaining the peace. We ask only that clanmates treat one another with mutual respect and keep the chat clean and drama free.

Respect to all, have fun!

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Top Clanmates

Trip180 Trip180 Owner
LordáGrabau LordáGrabau Deputy Owner
Calineczka Calineczka Deputy Owner
Shguy Shguy Overseer
GreatBigNewb GreatBigNewb Overseer
Centralize Centralize Coordinator
hairylegs51 hairylegs51 Organiser
Sourceman Sourceman Organiser
Rahavarat Rahavarat Organiser
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Type Description World Date/Time
Forum Posts
Author Thread Title Date
Wubbleyou Clan Rules and Requests 02-Jul-2016 14:32
Wubbleyou Citadel Lottery 30-Sep-2015 12:30
Calineczka Guide Database 2.0 17-Jul-2015 10:28
Calineczka Welcome 17-Jul-2015 10:24
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