"Peace, Love, and Runescape"

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LIKE our motto says peace, love, and Runescape.  We are a warm group  of people who like to play the game and we are like a family.  We like peace, no drama please, and we love to play with one another, and  we try to share our knowledge of the game to  help  you enrich your game experience.   You will find that  the Good Company is a place to relax and play, away from the stresses of your day or night.  You will look forward to loggin on and enjoying  your virtual experience.  No one will yell at you and no one will treat or talk to you disrespectfully.  We are here to enjoy the game.  We will be building a  citadel, so be ready to resource once a week.  We are working forwards Organizing events and working as a team to accomplish all our goals, so that is what you will get,here  on your journey to 99.  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of FUN.

We'll be tackling Barbarion Assault, Shooting stars, Evil trees, Stealing Creation, Dungeoneering in teams, Penguin Hunts, Soul Wars, & more

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