"True Masters of Agility(and other skills): A clan for getting 200m Xp in skills."

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We are an elite skilling clan that is devoted towards training skills past 99. Our members aim to obtain 200m Xp in skills. We were previously limited to just Agility, but we expanded to all skills in early April 2011. If you are interested in joining, please review our requirements and post an application on our RSOF thread. You can find this at QFC: 93-94-674-62645381. If you have a goal for 200m Xp in a skill (or already have one), then we're the clan for you. We currently have over 80 total 200m's in the clan.

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JebrimáI JebrimáI Owner
JebrimáII JebrimáII Deputy Owner
JebrimáIII JebrimáIII Deputy Owner
Jebrim Jebrim Deputy Owner
FouráNuns FouráNuns Captain
Skwysh Skwysh Captain
Em Em Captain
Vanthole Vanthole Captain
BidenáChina BidenáChina Lieutenant
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JebrimáI ~RECRUITMENT INFORMATION~ 08-Dec-2012 07:04
JebrimáI 200m Xp Hall Of Fame 02-Dec-2012 07:56
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