Team Frontier

Team Frontier

"Beyond The Limits" "We Don't Invite Pros, We Create Them"

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Team Frontier is a fast-growing, well-developed clan that creates a friendly, social, respectful, informative environment for everyone that's in it. The Team Frontier community welcomes all to it's inhabitants.

~Must help collect resources in the clan citadel for we all want the best citadel possible!
~There are NO level requirements.
~Must be respectful.
~Must be active.

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Fero Fero Owner
supraáhp supraáhp Deputy Owner
Atrixwolfx Atrixwolfx Overseer
twstd comndr twstd comndr Admin
Leonel7890 Leonel7890 General
ikipedia ikipedia General
rem_163 rem_163 General
Whole Whole General
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