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Tears of the Void

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Here at TotV we pride ourselves on our community! We all know deep down that RuneScape is all about the journey that you make through Gelinor; and that journey is always going to be better with friends by your side.

Since forming in January of 2020 we have built a mature, drama free, social community that is safe for everyone to enjoy. We are actively recruiting passionate, like-minded individuals to share our experiences with and invite you to guest our CC or PM any of our members, should you be interested in joining.

Many of our members are either maxed/comped but that doesn't stop skillers, pures or even a general all rounder / casual player from joining. Amongst us we've a depth of knowledge and we love getting together in activities where we can help those in need.

We Offer:

- Dedicated Discord Server
- PvM Calendar (randomised bossing events calendar suited for all levels of PvM ability)
- Refer a Friend rewards (clan recruitment)
- Friendly Community
- Minigames / D&Ds

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