The Clan Of Ten

The Clan Of Ten

"My Constitution level is 10."

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Our Clan is a clan based on 10hp Pures. Some of us train just Mage, but others train all combat skills not including hitpoints. Everyone in Clan Of Ten has a Constitution level of 10 (although a few are ex-10hpers). In our clan chat you can be advised and helped along with anything linked with being a 10hp pure.

We give info on Quests, How to Start a 10hp pure and many other things.

All 10hp and 9hp accounts are welcome to come and join Clan Of Ten. Just stop by in our clan chat (or the Friends Chat, "Clan of Ten") and ask for a invite from a High ranked member.

Clan Of Ten

Deputy Owner's:
-W O W 10hp
-N0 Qu3sti0ns

-Luck Of Vet
-10 II-I IP
-Heart Of Ten


Edits if I have left any out. - Luck
Last edit - Heart 4/28/11

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Top Clanmates

Runningamuck Runningamuck Deputy Owner
AáLostáWorld AáLostáWorld Deputy Owner
WáOáWá10hp WáOáWá10hp Deputy Owner
HeartáOfáTen HeartáOfáTen Overseer
Zdn Zdn General
Extremeá10hp Extremeá10hp Captain
10hpáAtack 10hpáAtack Lieutenant
[#E4VT5QL7O] [#E4VT5QL7O] Lieutenant
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
Gathering 16 10-Oct-11 13:00
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Author Thread Title Date
Extremeá10hp Clan of Ten - 10hp Pures 19-Feb-2015 05:15
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